Arizona FIRST LEGO League

FIRST LEGO League's three divisions inspire youth to experiment and grow their critical thinking, coding, and design skills through hands-on STEM learning and robotics.


Our sincere appreciation is extended to the following organizations who provide invaluable support to the Arizona FIRST Lego League program! Their contributions ensure that the future generations of engineers develop the skills necessary to change the world from an early age. In addition, your support helps underrepresented and underserved communities access STEM opportunities that would not be available otherwise. Interested in becoming a sponsor? See our section on getting involved below!

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Your sponsorship provides invaluable support to Arizona FIRST Lego League teams for training and materials, as well as the celebration of their success at tournaments. Your support of Arizona FIRST Lego League is an investment into the future by increasing the number of much-needed professionals in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

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