Fulton Student Organizations

Participating in Outreach and Recruitment is a great opportunity to share your love and passion for STEM with students in grades K-12. Our team can assist you start or fine tune an outreach plan for your organization. Contact us to schedule a meeting.

Make your existing outreach program Dean’s Funding Points eligible

Does your FSO already have a strong outreach program? Would you like to apply to qualify your existing outreach for Dean’s Funding Points? In order for your program to count for Dean’s Funding Points, it will need to meet the below criteria:

  • Activity must provide an in-depth opportunity for K-12 students to develop awareness, enjoyment, interest, and understanding of STEM and engineering practices.
  • Program/Event must occur at least twice for an hour each for 1 Dean’s Funding point. Extensive programs may be eligible for 2 Dean’s Funding points as a maximum amount
  • Must be a registered FSO

Tips for outreach programs

New to virtual K-12 outreach? Watch our Best Practices in Virtual Outreach Programs webinar now available in the Fulton Student Organizations Canvas page. Please navigate to Modules > Fulton Schools Resources > Fulton Schools K-12 Outreach or e-mail [email protected] to receive a link to the webinar.