Open Door

Open Door 2023 

Join us at one of four Phoenix area campuses for interactive exhibits produced by ASU professors, staff and students.

Once a year ASU opens their doors and invites the community inside for the Open Door events on each campus.

The Fulton Schools of Engineering are a major partner in Open Door. Visitors can tour our labs and facilities, participate in hands-on activities and learn about engineering, technology, aviation, construction, design and more. Witness the talent and ingenuity of our Fulton Schools faculty and students as they inspire the next generation of engineers, builders and makers. Check out the engineering and technology fun at both the Tempe and Polytechnic campus Open Door Events.

Would you like to see recent Hubble and James Webb Space Telescope images? Or learn about the Psyche NASA mission led by ASU to visit the asteroid Psyche? How about looking into the future with Virtual Reality, Robots, Artificial Intelligence, Drones, Robot Arms, Exoskeletons or Exosuits? Or looking backward at the “founding fossil”—Lucy, the 3.2 million-year-old Australopithecus afarensis? We’ve got all that too!

Did you know that the ASU Institute of Human Origins recently became the steward for the Jane Goodall Institute Gombe Research Archive? Check out over 60 years of handwritten observations of chimpanzees in the wild, begun by famed conservationist Jane Goodall. Would you like to virtually dissect a human cadaver? Don’t worry it’s a 3D Anatomy teaching tool with the touch of a finger, no grossness required!

Come experience what it’s like to be a pilot at the ASU Aviation Programs flight simulator demonstration! Or play games to improve literacy in the SOLET Lab (Science of Learning and Educational Technology). Check out a short skit in the Black Box Theatre, at the Herberger Young Scholars Academy.

Do you know how to grow food indoors? Visit the ASU Indoor Farming Lab and we’ll show you how! Like Engineering? Learn about 25+ Engineering Programs, from testing software programs, to programming a robot. From playing games, to 3D printing, then strike a pose as a Future Engineer, and much more.

This is a family-friendly ASU event!