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Engineering | Fulton Engineering Education Outreach

A Day in the Life of…Field Trip Days

Wondering what a typical day looks like for a Fulton Schools engineering student? Curious to learn more about the engineering design process, what campus looks like, and how faculty teach classes? Then sign up for A Day in the Life Of…Field Trip Days! During this free event, students will have the opportunity to explore engineering through hands-on STEM activities and tours of our various facilities.

These events will take place throughout the year, at both our Tempe and Polytechnic campuses. Dates are designed for specific grade levels. Elementary and Middle School dates are more STEM and general engineering focused, while High School dates have specific themes associated.

Registration opens August, 2019 


Elementary School Dates (3rd-6th Grades)



Middle School Dates (6th-8th grades)


High School Dates (9th-12th grades)



Please note: Pre-registration is required. Each date will have a capacity of 150 participants. Our preferred ratio of adults to students is 10 students per 1 adult. If you have fewer students than that, we request that the lowest number of students per 1 adult is 5. In other words, please do not reserve a space for yourself and 1 student only. If you are a homeschool family, we welcome you to our field trip dates but we encourage you to coordinate a trip with other families to maintain a higher number of students in your groups and fewer adults. Wrangle the troops and make your reservations accordingly!
The times above represent start and end times of the events. You will want to plan to allow time for drop off of students and parking if necessary. There will be no early departure from these events.

Steps to bringing your students:

  1. Use the registration links below to register for space at your chosen date. There is an automatic cap of 40 students per registration. If you would like to register more than 40 students, please submit multiple registrations.
  2. Submit the registration confirmation form within 10 days of registering your school. You can access that here: Fulton Field Trip Registration Confirmation Form. Your field trip spaces are NOT confirmed until we receive this form and you receive an official confirmation email.
  3. Distribute our field trip consent form to your students. You should bring the forms with you to your field trip. Every student must have a form completed and signed by their parent or legal guardian. As the registering contact, please be responsible for ensuring all fields on the form are completed. You can access the consent form here: Day in the Life of Consent Form
  4. You will receive an email approximately two weeks before your field trip with final details. If you have any questions, you can always email