EPICS High Olympiad

The EPICS High Olympiad is an annual kickoff field trip event for participating EPICS High schools. The event provides a crash course in the EPICS design process by presenting teams with a real world challenge and supporting them as they develop potential solutions.

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Winning solutions from 2021

2020 EPICS High Olympiad Challenge

In 2020, EPICS High partnered with ASU’s chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB@ASU) to create and facilitate the event virtually. Teams were presented with a challenge based on an actual EWB@ASU project from 2017.  

A rural village of about 500 families, plus livestock and domestic animals, has requested help in developing a secure potable water supply for domestic use. The region where the village is situated has two distinct rainy seasons (when it rains, it pours) separated by extremely dry conditions. The dry seasons can be up to 4 months long.
Develop a secure, year-round, potable water supply for the village.