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Citizen Science Projects

A list of crowd-sourced science projects where non-scientists can meaningfully contribute to science research.

NASA Citizen Science Projects

NASA Citizen Science Projects A collection of citizen science projects from NASA. Topics can be sorted by "Universe," "Solar System," "Sun," and "Earth." Host: NASA Science Cost: Free Resource type: Citizen Science Projects

Target Astroids!

Target Asteroids! Target Asteroids! is a citizen science project of the NASA OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample return mission that provides data for continued study of near-Earth asteroids.  Host: Arizona Board of Regents in partnership with NASA Cost: Free Resource type:...

Galaxy Zoo

  Galaxy Zoo Volunteers can explore and label galaxies near and far, sampling a fraction of the roughly one hundred billion that are scattered throughout the observable Universe. Host: Zooniverse Cost: Free Resource type: Citizen Science Projects  


NestWatch NestWatch is a nationwide monitoring program designed to track status and trends in the reproductive biology of birds, including when nesting occurs, number of eggs laid, how many eggs hatch, and how many hatchlings survive. Host: Cornell University Cost:...

Audobon Christmas Bird Count

Audobon Christmas Bird Count Bugs "Community scientists" collect vital data through Audubon's annual Christmas Bird Count, the Coastal Bird Survey, and other initiatives, generating groundbreaking analyses and guiding scientists and policy makers in addressing the...

EarthEcho Water Challenge

EarthEcho Water Challenge Use a test kit to sample local bodies of water for water quality data and share the results with other communities around the world. Host: Earth Echo International Cost: Free Resource type: Citizen Science Projects

Bugs in our Backyard

Bugs in Our Backyard Bugs In Our Backyard is an educational outreach and collaborative research program, providing project-based learning opportunities for K-12 students– or anyone! The core activity for BioB takes advantage of the bugs in your own backyard,...


Stardust@Home Use a virtual microscope to help scientists find interstellar dust particles. Citizen scientists can earn points and those who successfully finds an interstellar dust particle will be listed as a co-author on any scientific paper by the Stardust@home...


CoCoRaHS CoCoRaHS is a grassroots network of backyard weather observers Host: Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network Cost: Free Resource type: Citizen Science Projects

Globe at Night

Globe at Night The Globe at Night program is an international citizen-science campaign to raise public awareness of the impact of light pollution by inviting citizen-scientists to measure their night sky brightness and submit their observations from a computer or...