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Arizona FIRST® LEGO® League

Season Kickoff

September 7, 2019 from 9am – 4pm

ASU Tempe Campus Memorial Union, 2nd floor

1290 S. Normal Ave

Tempe, AZ 85287

Free Admission!

Parking available in the Apache Parking Structure located at 1112 S Normal Ave, Tempe, 85281 Map


FIRST LEGO League Jr. Info Session and Workshop- Check out the new BOOMTOWN Build challenge set and learn about the classroom packs!

FIRST LEGO League Kickoff and Workshops

  • Team Friendly Sessions:
    • Robot Game Reveal – We will be revealing and answering questions about this year’s robot game.  The session is open to the public and all coaches and team members are welcome to attend. 
    • Panel of Experts – Worried about finding an expert to talk to about your project? Look no further! We have been working hard to provide FLL team members with a Panel of Experts that work with space in all different capacities to give you some insight into your project questions. All FLL team members are welcome to come and be prepared to ask our experts any questions you may have! 
  • Coach Centered Sessions:
    • Don’t Forget the Rubric! – This workshop focuses on how to use the FLL rubrics to prepare your team for a fantastic season. 
    • Coach’s Tips and Tricks – Lunch and learn session! Bring your lunch for an informative presentation by Mark Pond. This session will focus on answering questions new coaches may have as well as providing best practices for being an FLL coach. 
    • Tournament Day 101 – Wondering what the tournament day will look like? We will walk you through what to expect on tournament day. 
    • Let’s Get to the Core (Values) – Learn about how judges view the core values and how we should be presenting them to our kids. 
    • Success with Robot Design– Mike Carlson will help your team be prepared for robot judging! 
    • Considering the move up to FTC? – Making that leap can seem intimidating, but in this workshop, you will learn about the differences between FLL and FTC including scoring, programming and mechanical. 
  • FIRST Tech Challenge Kickoff and Workshops
  • Cross Program Workshops

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I didn’t register for Kickoff ahead of time?
    • Don’t worry about it, there wasn’t one! However, please make sure one person from your group registers at the registration tables in front of the Arizona Ballroom before you leave.

  • Which workshops should I attend?

    • If you are new to FIRST LEGO League, we suggest any workshops that are FIRST LEGO League specific. Veteran FIRST LEGO League members may want to attend cross-program workshops to start thinking about team marketing, fundraising, etc. 

      Everyone should attend our Panel of Experts that will speak to our City Shapers theme! There will be a wealth of subject knowledge in the Pima Auditorium.

  • Did I need to pre-register for workshops?

    • No registration? No problem! All of our workshops are first come first serve, however, we offer more than one session to try to accommodate everyone. 

  • Who can attend the workshops?

    • The opening ceremonies, game reveal, and panel of experts are geared towards our FIRST LEGO League team members and their coaches! The afternoon workshops are geared towards coaches and older, more mature members of the team. Most of the workshops are conference-style and will be a Q and A format. 

  • Are there workshops for all FIRST programs?

    • Yes! Those workshops are identified on the schedule. They will say FIRST, versus specifying a specific program.

  • What about lunch?

    • Lunch will not be provided, however, there are many options for lunch that will be open on the first floor and basement level of the MU. 

  • Can team members attend workshops?
    • That depends on the program. For FIRST Robotics Competition and FIRST Tech Challenge (middle and high school), team members are invited and encouraged to attend workshops. For FLL (upper elementary and middle school), workshops are geared toward coaches and mentors, however, our robot game release and Panel of Experts are for team members too! That said,  ALL team members must be supervised by an adult.  FLL Jr. workshop is for both parents and children. 
  • What are my next steps?

    • Sign up your team at or email Laura Grosso at

  • Who do I contact to learn more about each program?

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