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Engineering | Fulton Engineering Education Outreach

Arizona FIRST® LEGO® League

How to Register…

…to become FIRST® LEGO® League team:

1.  Register your team after creating an account at at Submit your background screening.

2.  Invite an alternate coach. Make sure he or she accepts the invitation and submits his or her background check. (This person only needs to be able to be present in case of your absence)

3.  Pay the registration fee, see pricing details here.

…for a Qualifying Tournament:

1.  First, visit our Tournaments page to decide on which tournament date and location works best for your team.

2.  Once you have decided upon a tournament, visit our Aventri site in order to enter your team information and pay the $95 tournament fee. (Remember, tournaments have a maximum capacity and may fill up quickly) 

3. Be sure you receive a confirmation email. If you do not, email 


Payment & Product

In order to officially participate and compete as an Arizona FIRST LEGO League Team, you need to be sure to make payments and order product to the below parties:

1.  FIRST – You will make sure to pay the registration fee to FIRST, not to ASU! 

2. LEGO 

Field Kit – Once you have registered as a FIRST  team, you will automatically be sent your field kit with the corresponding address in your account. 

EV3 – The EV3 robot can be purchased at any time. You will notice, however, that there are two options for the robot. The LEGO MINDSTORM EV3 Education Set and the MINDSTORM Retail Set. Both versions are acceptable to compete with, however, the education set with comes equipped with additional software and sensors that the retail set does not have. However, you are able to add those items separately at a later date if you choose to start with the retail version. CLICK HERE to be directed to the LEGO Education website. 

3.  Qualifying Tournament – Qualifying Tournaments are paid for using Aventri. ASU accepts both credit cards and check. If you are paying via check, please have the check addressed to Arizona State University (NOT to FIRST LEGO League) and mailed to:

Laura Grosso

501 E Tyler Mall 

ECG Office 252

Tempe AZ, 85287


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