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Arizona FIRST® LEGO® League

Welcome to FIRST® LEGO® League Jr.

The Arizona FIRST LEGO League Jr. is a great program for teachers, parents, after school, clubs or extracurricular programs.  It a wonderful platform for students ages 6-10 years old to work as a team to solve problems and better understand our world.  Each year a challenge is presented by the FIRST program.  This challenge acts as the center piece of a teams work.

The FIRST LEGO League Jr. program is currently run out of the K-12 Outreach Program with the Ira Fulton Schools of Engineering.  Your contact for questions and concerns can be directed to your Arizona FIRST LEGO League Jr. contact Laura Grosso at

What is FIRST® LEGO® Leauge Jr.?

FIRST LEGO League Jr. is a celebration of hard work, enthusiasm, and exploration. The program encompasses the skills and knowledge of the FIRST LEGO League, through a less competitive event that allows students to showcase their innovative ideas. Interested in starting a team? No problem! Just follow the steps below…  

  1. Create an account with FIRST if you are a new user then…
  2. Become a Certified Coach through FIRST
  3. Designate your Assistant Coach and have them become certified too!
  4. Register a Team and Get Started (View registration details HERE)…
    1. Kids 6-10 years in age with up to 6 students on a team.
    2. Use inspire kits, and old or new LEGO Bricks – your imagination is your guide!
    3. Use the yearly challenge and the WeDo 2.0 to help in your adventure.
    4. Do some research and build.
  5. Participate in an EXPO
    1. Minimal Registration Fee.
    2. Teams present to judges a show me poster (tri-fold science fair style with all information team researched)
    3. Team show their work to peers and learn from others.
    4. There are 3-4 Official EXPOS each year.

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