Arizona FIRST LEGO League

FIRST LEGO League's three divisions inspire youth to experiment and grow their critical thinking, coding, and design skills through hands-on STEM learning and robotics.

Challenge | Robot Game

Game overview

See the video below for more information about how this season’s robot game works and how to score points!

Important documents

Remote Filming Guidance * Updated February 2021 * See this document for the requirements when filming your robot matches to upload to the FIRST hub. Link to PDF
Robot Game Rulebook Contains all of the mission details and rules for the robot game this season. Link to PDF

Robot programming resources

If you are looking for the Lego EV3 programming videos referenced in the engineering notebook, you can find each of them here.

LEGO EV3 Programming Guides

The robot portion of FLL has a large programming component. We want to provide resources to help you navigate this. STEMcentric is a great place to start:

STEMcentric’s EV3 Tutorial

FLL Team LCats has released several videos covering EV3 programming. Some examples include line followers and turn-in-place algorithms.

LCats YouTube Channel

2017 VISTA member & UC Berkeley computer science graduate Brad Voracek developed this series of presentations and sample code to connect EV3 programming to key computer science concepts:

FIRST LEGO League Sample Code

LEGO Education also provides an excellent curriculum tied to national standards, which lets students work on EV3 robots to learn Engineering concepts. Previously only available for $600 per classroom, they now offer the curriculum for free

LEGO Education Curriculum

For new coaches, FIRST offers a class called FIRST Steps which runs you through the common practices when starting a new team

Sample code

The sample code below includes a wide range of sensor-based movements for teams to explore. If you use any of the code, please document how you used it and adapted it specifically for your robot for the judges; we’d love to see what teams come up with!

Null (hidden in menu)
Proportional Line Follower (SPIKE Prime Python)
Drive Straight using Gyro (SPIKE Prime Python)