LEGO Power Functions

Rising Grades 6 – 8

Hosted by Engineering Outreach and Recruitment

Put your LEGO engineering and design skills to the test in our Power Functions camp. Campers will use Lego Technic parts and the Power Function motor pack to create a variety of mechanical contraptions from cars to an XY-plotter. Each day will focus on different gear systems, structural design, and incorporating the remote control to control the power function motors.

Registration fee includes specialty LEGO pieces, motor pack and other materials required for the camp. Participants will receive the kit by mail. Please note: once the kit has been mailed, there will be no refunds if you cancel.

This is a two-week camp and a repeat of the Winter 2020 camp.

Dates Time* Cost
June 7 – 17 10:00 AM – 2:30 PM $250

*includes screen time with the instructor and independent work offline