Fulton Student Organizations (FSO)

There are several ways that you and your organization can get involved in Engineering Education Outreach. This is a great opportunity to share your love and passion of engineering with students in grades K-12. Below is a list of ways that you can get involved and services that the Engineering Education Outreach team can provide you and your club/organization.

Submitted an Outreach plan with your deans funding form:

Wonderful, that means we have it on file! Just email engineeringoutreach@asu.edu with a few times and dates that you are available and we will schedule a time to discuss what support you might need from us on lesson adjustments or supplies.

Didn’t submit an Outreach plan or don’t have a plan:  

Just email engineeringoutreach@asu.edu with a few times and dates that you are available we will reach out to you to connect!

During our one-to-one meeting with you we will help you brainstorm activities, provide insight to building a budget, and identify partnerships with schools if you don’t already have them.

**New this year**: does your FSO already have a strong outreach program? Would you like to apply to qualify your existing outreach for Dean’s Funding Points?

Complete this survey: Fulton Student Organization Request Survey 

We will review your submission and reach out to you to discuss your program.
Please note: in order for your existing outreach to count for Dean’s Funding Points, it will need to meet the below criteria:
• Activity must provide in-depth opportunity for K-12 students to develop awareness, enjoyment, interest, and understanding of STEM and engineering practices
• Program/Event must occur at least twice for an hour each for 1 Dean’s Funding point. Extensive programs may be eligible for 2 Dean’s Funding points as a maximum amount
• Must be a registered FSO

Volunteer for an Event:

Deans Funding : Register and learn more at http://studentorgs.engineering.asu.edu/esc/deans-funding/deans-funding-events/

A Day in the Life Of…Field Trip Days – Tempe and Poly, Various dates throughout the year

Night of the Open Door – Poly February 17

Night of the Open Door – Tempe February 25

First Lego League Lego Kit Assembly (Tempe, Poly)

First Lego League Tournament Kick-Off – September 

Homecoming – October (Tempe)

First Lego League Qualifying Tournament Set Up – December (Poly)

First Lego League State Tournaments – January

Other Events (these do not count towards Deans Funding):

Honor Roll

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